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Supplier: Managing Quotes

Supplier: Managing Quotes

The Quotes page will have a record of all jobs request that have been sent from Builders. In this page contains job details and allows users to decline, accept and upload quote information in one place. Quote request will automatically be imported into supplier quote page once the project has been approved for the builder.

The quotes overview page has the option to search the quote list at the top of the page, key project information such as the name of the builder that the quote request has been sent from, project address details, how many homes and individual jobs the supplier has been invited to, a tally of how many jobs the supplier has declined, accepted and submitted for as well as job status. An outline of the project status stages is outlined below:

Status NameStatus Description
PendingNew Job listing that requires action from the supplier to accept or decline
AcceptedAccepted Jobs from the supplier that haven't had quotes uploaded
SubmittedWhen a quote has been uploaded for an accepted job
DeclinedDeclined jobs from the supplier due to availability, location etc.

Accept / Decline Quotes

To review a pending job to determine if it will be accepted or declined, follow the steps outlined below:

Click on the Job Details button

The project details page will open to review project information and documents
Review all information for the project and jobs
Toggle between the homes by clicking through the dropdown box (where applicable for multi-home projects)
Click Project Documents button to review working drawings, engineering, soil information, energy rating, elevations etc.

Determine if the job will be accepted or declined
Accept or Decline the job at the bottom of screen by using the Accept or Decline buttons
If declining the job, outline the reason for the decline by using the dropdown box available
When accepted, follow the steps in the section below to add quotes into accepted jobs

Add Quotes

Once a job has been accepted, the option to outline quote information will be displayed for supplier to add and save into BuiltGrid for the builder to review in a simple and easy quote comparison.

To add a quote for the accepted job, follow the steps outlined below:

Fill out the total amount of the quote for the requested job
Select if the total amount is including or excluding GST using the dropdown box available
Outline the quote reference for future reference
Click Attach File button to select a quote document to upload for the Builder to review
Drag & drop the file into the outlined area or click within the outlined area to select a file from the device
Click the upload button to process the document into the quote page

Select if delivery has been included or excluded in the quotation
Select the necessary quote expiry options available
If there are any other supporting documents that need to be uploaded, click Attach File button to upload other documents for builders to review
Drag & drop the file into the outlined area or click within the outlined area to select a file from the device
Click the upload button to process the document into the quote page
The organisations default payment options will be outlined here, if its necessary to adjust quote specific click on the hyperlink Edit your payment terms for this quote. If changing payment terms for this quote, a window will be populated to make the necessary adjustments

Fill out the Information fields to highlight key information clearly to the builder
Outline product/service Warranty information
Fill out the Value Proposition (something unique about the product/service)
Select if the Source of the product/service is local or imported
Outline the quoted Services provided
Fill out any quote Exclusions
Allocate any additional Comments to highlight to the builder regarding the quotation

Once all the quotation information has been outlined, click submit quote to make it visible for the builder for review
Quote information can be review and updated if needed by clicking back into the Job Details button from the quotes page

Updated on: 24/06/2022

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