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Builder: Supplier & Trade Connections

Builder: Supplier & Trade Connections

Once the initial BuiltGrid setup is completed, it's time to add all suppliers into the application to make it easy to manage all supplier quotes, orders and call-ups in one location.

Builder: Adding Suppliers/Trades

There are two ways to invite suppliers to the Supplier Connections list in BuiltGrid. This will ensure that any existing suppliers can be added to future projects. Bulk Invite Suppliers to add all suppliers at once or invite suppliers individually. Follow the steps for each option below:

Bulk Invite Suppliers/Trades

Navigate to the Suppliers menu item on the left-hand side menu
To get the fastest result, click the Bulk Supplier Invite button on the top right-hand side of the screen
Click the hyperlink download this excel template to download a bulk invite template
A template will be downloaded to the device to fill out the supplier details

Fill out the template spreadsheet with all the preferred suppliers currently utilised

Users can export the data from any current estimating or accounting software, look at their knowledge base or support articles on how to export these lists
Once all suppliers are listed, save and close the spreadsheet
Drag the completed spreadsheet file to the outlined area or click the outlined area to select the correct file from a specific location
Select Upload
The file will then be imported for the BuiltGrid team to process the Suppliers into the application

Invite Individual Suppliers/Trades

Navigate to the Suppliers menu item on the left-hand side menu
Type the supplier name into the Search option to find existing suppliers in the BuiltGrid application

Once you have found the supplier in the search field, click the Add " + " button to add the supplier to the network connections
If the supplier can't be found, they may not have a BuiltGrid network profile. To add these suppliers, click the invite supplier button to have them processed by the BuiltGrid team

Fill out the Supplier Name, the contacts First and Last Name, Email address and Phone number information required to Invite the Supplier
Click " + " Add Supplier to add the supplier to your network connections
The supplier will then be imported for the BuiltGrid team to process them into the application
Click the cross icon at the top right-hand side to close the window

Builder: Supper/Trades Connections

When suppliers have been invited to the BuiltGrid application, they will be housed on the builder's Supplier Connections page. This list includes suppliers that have been manually invited or automatically added based on quote invites.

Suppliers will need to be sent a connection request from this page to complete the connection process. Follow the steps below to finalise the supplier connections:

Click on the grey handshake icon to connect with suppliers for quote invites
The handshake icon will change to blue to display that a connection request has been sent to the supplier and is now waiting for connection acceptance
When the supplier has accepted the connection request, the handshake icon will change to green to show the confirmed connection

There are other navigational items to be aware of. The table below explains some of the columns within the supplier connections page, and the icons below show additional functionality in this page also.

SegmentThe supply segment that the supplier operates in
InvitesTotal number of job invites the builder has sent a certain supplier
QuotesTotal number of quotes that supplier has submitted to the builder
OrdersTotal number of confirmed orders that the builder & supplier have accepted

Expand option to show users added for that supplier
Favourite option to highlight any preferred suppliers
Option to disconnect with a supplier from projects

Updated on: 02/10/2022

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