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Builder: Signing up to BuiltGrid

Builder: Signing up to BuiltGrid

Signing up to the BuiltGrid network allows like-minded builders and suppliers to be united for the purpose of unlocking efficiencies for all and ensures the delivery of builder projects on time and within budget. Builders list their projects with job inclusions, quality, and service features they require to complete their projects. This is followed by a review of quote comparisons and project partner selections. Follow the steps outlined below to sign-up and unlock the potential that BuiltGrid offers.

Sign-up requires details of the business (including ABN) and needs to be completed by a team member authorised to act on behalf of the organisation. Begin by selecting the Join Now button at the top right of the BuiltGrid website, or follow this link: Join Now

Step 1

Select Builder
Complete name and business email
Create a password
Select I agree with terms and conditions. More detailed information is available by clicking on terms and conditions.
Select Create Account to go to the next step of the signup process

Step 2

Enter the organisations ABN and select Search ABN. The trading name will appear in the field below.
Select Next to go to the next step

Step 3

User to confirm they are authorised to act on behalf of the ABN provided

If the user is not authorised they will be instructed to invite an authorised person to complete the setup

Step 4

Review the name and email address
Add a mobile number (this is important for direct communication with the Suppliers)
Select the correct business role in regard to the use of the BuiltGrid application

Owner, Management, and Admin users have full system access. The system assumes the user is one of these roles so they can continue to make changes and invite other team members.
Select Next to go to the next step

Step 5

Enter the business Trading Name, the name the business is known by and used throughout the BuiltGrid application
Enter the business website
Add shipping address
Add billing address. Select Same as Shipping Address if that applies.
Once all details are complete and accurate, select Save at the bottom of the screen

Users will then be redirected to the BuiltGrid dashboard. Follow the Set Up your Business Information article here to complete your business setup.
As users log in, they will see their dashboard. As the system develops, they will see information on all the projects that they have listed including, quotes, comparisons, job orders, and job workflow. For now, the common steps to setting up and listing the first project successfully are outlined on the Dashboard.

Builder: Dashboard Navigation

Menu Bar is located down the left side of the page with headings that drill into specific areas. This menu can be collapsed by selecting the arrow to the right of the BuiltGrid logo.
Business Logo when business settings are completed (refer to the Business Information Setup article here), the business logo will appear at the left, within the white banner at the top of the page.
Progress icon (red squares) located at the top right of the page will remain on alert until setup is completed
User profile located at the top right, identifies the logged-in user. Click to edit the profile
Chat widget is located at the bottom. This is a service operated by the BuiltGrid team during business hours. Any questions can be answered right away. After hours a message is sent to the BuiltGrid team and answered promptly the following day.

Updated on: 22/06/2022

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