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Builder: Setting up your Business Information

Builder: Setting up your Business Information

Once the initial BuiltGrid setup is completed, it's best to complete all Business Information Setup. Follow the helpful guide below to set up the business information correctly.

Builder: User Profile

Setting up the user profile is important to help identify team members and roles for access within the BuiltGrid application and to direct Supplier communications for specific questions.

Select the user name at the top right of the Dashboard
Select My Profile within the popup window

Upload a profile photo

This photo will appear at the top right of your dashboard and be used in future activities within the system, such as uploading a quote and communicating with suppliers. For best results use a square, professional photo.
Confirm name, email, phone number and the user role in the business are all correct. If not, make the changes required.
Select Save Changes to confirm updates
Select Dashboard in the left-hand menu to exit the User Profile page

Builder: Set up your business information

The setup of the business information is important as it is this base information you provide within the BuiltGrid application that will be used when aligning you with like-minded suppliers and trades. This is used to present the business professionally so that quote requests will be accepted and builders will receive accurate and competitive quotes, building supplier partnerships.

There are currently three areas to be completed that include Business, Terms, and Teams. To assist with progress in this area, the alert in the top right of the page will be visible until all setup tasks are completed.

Click on the red squares alert to identify the tasks yet to be completed.
To set up the business information select Settings from the left-hand menu, you will see the three settings tabs across the top of the page, beginning with Business.


This information has been captured in the signup process and together with the user's profile information will be used in quote requests and job orders.

Upload the correct business logo as per the image requirements. This logo will be used as a visual reference to suppliers and trades throughout the application.
Confirm all details are correct and update as required
Select the blue Addresses text which will open up to reveal your Shipping and Billing address
Scroll down Profile and select Save Changes at the bottom of the page

When saved, the logo appears at the left of the white banner at the top of the page


Profile information is added to continue to highlight additional business information. This information is used in different areas within BuiltGrid to better identify businesses to the suppliers that have been invited into projects or connected with.

There are three areas for text available as per the below:

Headline section - an area to highlight your Business/Trading Name up to 65 characters
Short description - an area to highlight what you and your team do best up to 140 characters
Long description - an area to go into further detail around the works you and your team do
Add Instagram and Facebook pages and any images that highlight the business's work
Once all the information has been added, select save a the bottom of the screen
Select the Terms tab in the settings menu at the top of the page.

Terms and Conditions

Whether you're operating with material suppliers, trades, or services, it is important that every supplier involved is delivering on the expectations of the project and business. The terms and conditions from this page are used as the default content for the base digital job order for review when suppliers accept job orders.

You can copy text from an existing order or supplier agreement and paste it into this section
Each section can be updated and saved at any time. Selecting Save at any time will overwrite any existing text.

Enter the businesses Contract or general terms and conditions
Select Save at the bottom of the screen

Formatting within this area is limited for ease of integration with BuiltGrid digital job orders. Use capitals for headings where needed.

Once completed, select the Teams tab in the settings menu at the top of the page


Setting up the team with the most appropriate roles will prove important as usage is expanded of the BuiltGrid application and an expanding list of projects. Allocation of activities such as quoting, project management, and site management will all be driven by roles in the future. Add, Edit, and Delete users according to business needs.

To add a team member and give them access to the application, complete the fields at the bottom of the page within the Add Team Member Section and select Save. The new team member will receive an email with login instructions. Once they log in, their profile status will change to “registered”.

Currently, Owner, Management, and Admin users have full application access and can make the below changes
Edit a team member including name, role, email, and or phone, select the edit (pen) icon next to the correct team member
Delete a team member, select the delete (bin) icon next to the correct team member

Once all Business Information has been saved it's time to list your first Project by clicking on the projects page in the main left-hand menu. If any changes are required in the future, simply select Settings in the main left-hand menu to make changes.

Updated on: 22/06/2022

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