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Builder: Quote Comparison

Builder: Quote Comparison

As quotes are submitted into the BuiltGrid application, the builders quote comparison page will be created to allow for easy supplier quote comparison and supplier selection for the job. Each job category where suppliers have been selected and submitted a quotation for will be listed in the comparison sheet. Follow the process below to access and order supplies/services from the quote comparison page.

Review Quotes & Order

Click Projects
Click Quotes button where the project has quotes returned

The Job Status page will be displayed and will show the Quotes & Orders table will highlight key information regarding the jobs within the project. See explanation of the fields below:
Column NameColumn Description
CategoryName of the job category for quote submission
ListedDate that the job was originally listed on
InvitedName of the Suppliers invited to quote
DeclinedName of any suppliers that have declined to quote the job
AcceptedName of any suppliers that have accepted to quote the job but haven't submitted the quote
SubmittedName of any suppliers that have completed and submitted a quote for the job
CompareButton to compare the quotes that have been submitted
OrderedHighlighting the supplier the builder have order the quote through

Click the compare button on the job category that you want to review, compare and order
The comparison page will process
The Compare Quote table will be displayed, highlighting submitted quotes from suppliers at the top of the page. Full explanation of the fields available in the quote comparison page is below:

Row NameRow Description
Jobs IncludedJob Categories from the project listing that are included in the submitted quote
Value PropositionThe suppliers value that they offer
Service FeatureProduct or service provided within the submitted quotation
WarrantyOutlined product or service warranty information
SourcedHighlighting if the product or service is sourced locally or imported
CommentsAdditional comments from suppliers regarding the quotation
ExclusionsAny notable exclusions products or services from the quotation submitted
Total CostTotal cost of that suppliers submitted quotation
Payment TermsThe payment terms the supplier has outlined
Delivery IncludedYes or no response to if the supplier has included delivery in the quotation
Quote ExpiryAny notable amount of days that the quote is valid for
QuoteViewable and downloaded link to the physical quotation
Supporting DocumentViewable and downloaded link to the any other physical supporting documentation

Review all quote information to ensure all necessary works have been included in the quotation
Once it's determined what quote will be ordered, click on the order button under the suppliers name
Fill out the order number where needed, otherwise the BuiltGrid application will automatically generate an order number
Allocate the estimated delivery date in the Estimated schedule field by click on the calendar and selecting the correct date
Select the payment method where needed
Add any additional comments to the supplier
Click Confirm Order to proceed and the following items will then occur:
A digital contract will be generated from supplier terms settings and job details
The selected supply partner will review the order, estimated schedule and digitally sign
A notification to review final terms and digitally sign will be sent to the supplier

Updated on: 06/09/2022

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